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Electronic Signatures-Understanding the Concept and How to Use them

In the US, EU and many other countries around the world, the use of the electronic signatures has been a recognized form of authenticating documents and has an equal standing to the handwritten signatures. But this said and done, one thing that should be noted is that in as much as the certificado digital simple have the same legal standing as the handwritten signatures, you still have the right to not to use an e-signature all the same. Added to this, it is to be noted that there are some legal documents that may not be duly confirmed in an electronic signature as they require a handwritten or appended signature and these are such as the health insurance that involves a deceased. This is looking at the fact that the validity of a signature is based on the proof of intent and there are some cases where the proof of intent may be a lot harder. Read on and learn some more on some of the valid ways of signing electronically as discussed below.

One of the ways to sign electronically is by inserting a photo of your signature. This is legal for as long as you can indeed validate intent or purpose but it is never the best way anyway. The second alternative is by using your name or names in a document as your signature. The third, and relatively the most bulletproof forms of signing electronically is by using the certificado digital services. Actually these services make it easy for you to upload the documents for them to be signed on the platforms. The following is a quick lowdown on some of the services offered by the e-signing companies.

The one thing that the e-signing companies offer their clients is high level of trust. As such, when looking forward to an e-signing solution in some of the e-signing service providers, you need to be quite particular with the level of trust that you can place on the service provider. Be sure that you will be settling for a service that will not use your signatures in an inappropriate manner. Trust is key and central when it comes to e-signing services and solutions. You need to have some level of assurance that the e-signing service provider is indeed conversant with the laws of the country you may be looking forward to a transaction or deal in so as to make the contracts or documents so signed electronically enforceable. Find out more about digital signature here:

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